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Welcome to ''Peace Games N.I.''

the concept page for a new TV game show.

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My name is Eddy Crowley, of, I am a creative in various formats. This site is about an ideaI had,

that is to accept what exists in the field of play here in N. Ireland ( re-branded & /or legitimised ) and implement

a format that validates all the groupings in society, a league system of equals and opposites that can compete on a

level playing field as 'Club Houses' made up of either all from the same park, same family, same business etc.

It would be very good for mutual respect, state moral and entertainment. See below for more info.


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peace games northern Ireland

My ideal for this scene would be a long table, with 3 or 4 mates seated with their air rifles, bar service,

smoking area, sheltered, shooting range with betting on target hits & HD video review confirmation.

peace games northern ireland


peace breaks out, peace games, northern ireland

peace games northern ireland

As a concerned civilian here in N. Ireland I strongly believe in lesser evil and better good. Rather than a

return to conflict here with real bullets I am proposing a TV game show format with non-lethal low grain

gunpowder plastic ink filled bullets, creating a league system game show based in a disused army barracks

for those members of society who iconise guns and the use of force.


Infra red to Ultra violet, Both sides of the visible light spectrum that we know exist but can not see:

peace games Northern Ireland

peace games northern ireland


The concept for this site was initially called 'War Games' the emphasis being on games, then after some

consideration I decided the word 'War' is wrong as the objective is to prevent war not promote it, so the

name changed to 'Peace Games' which was handy as the web address for war had already been taken.

peace games Northern Ireland

peace games Northern Ireland

Part of the idea behind this war game scenario is both squads wear head cameras and drones fly about

getting the angles. From the footage a directors cut is made for the club house and access to all footage

for each participent to do their own cut and sound track.

peace games Northern Ireland

peace games Northern Ireland

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